Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ernesto Cardenal on Liberation dub mix

Nicaraguan Liberation Theologian, poet and revolutionary Ernesto Cardenal has given us his blessing to sample his poem Psalm 5 on our dub mix of Liberation Theology. It's an unrivalled privilege and honour to have the approval of this inspirational man. We hope the single will raise awareness of the movement and epoch in which Ernesto played an important role. We live in cynical times but art can still be a powerful force for change. Those who know Smoke Feathers know how strongly we believe that. At its heart, Liberation Theology is a song about - and dedicated to - those who struggle against powerful, malevolent forces masquerading across the world as liberators, reformers or saviours. Our music will always reflect and support that fight. A video of Ernesto's Psalm 5 is below, please take the time to watch it. You can hear the dub mix here.

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