Friday, January 13, 2012

Another date for Dodgy LP tour - Liverpool

The gracious Dodgy crew have asked us to play on another date on their forthcoming album tour, meaning we are on every night of the tour with them outside of London. We'll be at Eric's in Liverpool on Saturday, February 18th, so if you are in the area please come out and support us. Eric's has re-opened as a music venue after closing in 1980. For those of you who love a bit of British rock history, the club hosted The Clash, The Sex Pistols, Echo & The Bunnymen and early gigs by New Order and U2 back in the day. We want to say a big thanks to Dodgy for giving us the opportunity to get out on the road with them this year. The supports we did at the end of last year were unforgettable and it's been a real privilege watching one of our favourite British bands emerge once again with some killer new tracks. More importantly, they have also chipped in to share the care of our very own Stu Thoy (who has been wielding the bass live for Dodgy on their new material), which has given a bit more time to the rest of the Smoke Feathers family and friends to repair our livers in the new year than is usually the case.

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