Thursday, June 30, 2011

Liberation Theology single available now

The debut single by Smoke Feathers - Liberation Theology - is now available to buy on iTunes here and Amazon here. We can also arrange to send you a CD if you visit our blog shop. The single contains a dub mix of the title track, featuring a sample of Nicaraguan revolutionary poet Ernesto Cardenal, and an acoustic version of To Begin, To End. As many of you know, we have waited a long time to release our first material and it really is a fantastic feeling to be doing so at long last. Please get behind us, buy the single and share it far and wide. We have had some great moments already in the life of this band, played some wonderful shows to some wonderful people, taken Glastonbury by storm and been lucky to stumble across an incredible studio (Vale Studios) where we recorded the album we will release later this year. We know that with your support we can make a big success of this thing. It's a grassroots mission and every ounce of positive vibration you send our way will only make us stronger. Thanks so much to everyone who has made it to a gig in past few years, listened to our tracks online or just encouraged us to believe in ourselves and work hard at what we love. Onwards and upwards!

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